Inspired by tradition and innovation to build the next legacy of finance
zkLend is an L2 money-market protocol built on StarkNet, combining zk-rollup scalability, superior transaction speed, and cost-savings with Ethereum's security. The protocol offers a dual solution: a permissioned and compliance-focused solution for institutional clients, and a permissionless service for DeFi users - all without sacrificing decentralisation.
Institutional ClientsCOMING SOON
Meet the team
Brian Fu
Brian is the Co-Founder and Co-Project Lead of zkLend. He majored in Engineering Physics and minored in Commerce at the University of British Columbia, during which he developed a keen interest in computational finance.
Jane Ma
Jane is the Co-Founder and Co-Project Lead at zkLend. She started her career in Sales and Trading at Credit Suisse before making her way to Deliveroo as Chief of Staff Hong Kong, where she fell in love with the high octane startup environment and work culture. She has extensive experience helping scale business operations at various start-ups.
ZK Leung
Tech Lead
ZK is the Co-Founder and Tech Lead of zkLend. He is responsible for the technical development of the protocol and serves as zkLend’s resident Cairorian (also an expert in Solidity and Rust). ZK has vast experience in blockchain; prior projects he has led and built include a decentralised synthetic asset protocol, CEX and DEXes, secure wallets, and on-chain multiplayer games.
Emma Lee
Emma is the CMO of zkLend. After graduating top of her class with first class honours in Politics, Philosophy, and Law at King’s College London, she cut her teeth at an enterprise blockchain startup working on digital securities and then decentralised finance, simultaneously starting her journey as a native degen.
Scarlett Stark
Software Engineer
Scarlett is the Software Engineer for zkLend. She is responsible for both the front-end and back-end development of the protocol. She has extensive experience in the crypto space as a Front-end Web developer for DueDEX, a perpetual cryptocurrency exchange.
Cherry Lo
Senior UX/UI Designer
Cherry is a Senior UX/UI Designer at zkLend, responsible for overall user interface and experience. With extensive industry experience and a proven track record at industry-leading digital & design agencies, she played a pivotal part in defining the product user experience for brands such as American Express, The Bank of East Asia, Cathay Pacific, General Motors, Chevrolet and Samsung.
Lap Chow
Project Manager
Lap is the Project Manager of zkLend. He started his career where he was a core member of a high-growth startup. He has managed and ensured the delivery of a variety of projects using cutting edge technology from VR, IoT and now blockchain and cryptography - seamlessly coordinating the intersection of teamwork and project management.
Raul Moreno
Business Development Associate
Raul is the Business Development Associate at zkLend. He started his career in 2016 in traditional finance as an equity trader in Mexico City while mining ETH on the side at his parents’ basement. With ambitions beyond his parents' spotty internet connection, he moved to Hong Kong to join a wealth management company.
David Lighton
Inspired by the power of blockchain technology to improve financial systems and people's lives, David is a 2-time founder who has gone on to create Lithium Finance - one of the first DeFi pricing oracles for private assets, and SendFriend - a blockchain-payment platform.
Kevin Tai
Kevin is the Co-Founder of Linear Finance. He has been instrumental in the development, marketing, partnerships, and strategy of the synthetic asset protocol since inception. He is an avid DeFi investor and a contributor in other DeFi projects.
Aedreon brings a wealth of experience in the community management and marketing areas. He has worked in the blockchain industry for over 5 years.
Structured for sustainable ecosystem growth and long term success
The following is an allocation chart for the various participants of the zkLend project.
AllocationNumber of Total Tokens
Staking Reward35,000,000 (35.00%)
Ecosystem34,008,269 (34.01%)
Team10,000,000 (10.00%)
Seed5,960,000 (5.96%)
Strategic Round 15,369,231 (5.37%)
Advisor5,000,000 (5.00%)
Strategic Round 24,162,500 (4.16%)
Public Sale500,000 (0.50%)